About Us

Our company, Bromley Craft Products Limited, is a leading supplier of dolls houses and associated products.  Over the years we were often approached by customers asking us the best way to advertise second hand dolls houses which they wanted to sell for various reasons.  We were also aware that many of our customers preferred to buy a previously owned dolls house rather than a brand new dolls house kit.  We set up dollshousesforsale.com  to help connect these sellers and buyers.

There are many advantages to buying a previously owned dolls house.  Of course they are all different, but usually they are already built and decorated so much of the hard work is already done.  Some dolls houses may be perfect as they are and some make great renovation projects.  Often dolls houses come with many items included meaning you could save a lot of money compared to buying new.  An added bonus is the sense of history which many previously owned dolls houses have.

Selling your dolls house using dollshousesforsale.com is easy.  We aim to help sellers achieve a better price for their dolls house and at a much lower cost compared to auction websites.  Simply book your advertisement for a one-off fee and provide photos and written details of your dolls house.  We will process this and post your add live on the website within 48 hours.  Your ad will run indefinitely* so will continue until you sell your dolls house or decide to cancel.

If you wish to enquire or buy a dolls house listed on Dollshousesforsale.com simply contact the seller direclty.

Dollshousesforsale.com is a classified advertising platform and as such all transactions are made directly between the buyer and seller.  We therefore advise users of this service to take all reasonable precautions.

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