Terms & Conditions

This website, Dollshousesforsale.com, is a website owned and managed by Bromley Craft Products Limited.
The website is a specialist classified advertising platform where customers can advertise dolls houses directly to potential buyers.  Visitors to the website may view dolls houses advertised and contact sellers directly.

Advertisers may submit information to dollshousesforsale.com as required for advertising purposes. This information may include images, description text and contact details. This information will be published on this website for the duration of the advertising period. Advertisers submit information entirely at their own risk.

Advertisers agree to allow dollshousesforsale.com to use images and dercription text at their discretion on this website and also on third party websites and advertising media without restriction for an indefinite period.
Dollshousesforsale.com reserve the right not to publish any advertisement submitted if it is deemed unsuitable for any reason.  In this case any advertising charge paid will be refunded in full.
Advertisements may not contain active content or links to external websites.

Advertisers may cancel their advertisement at any time in which case the advertisers contact details will be removed and the item price will be removed and the item will be marked as no longer available. Item images and descriptions may continue to be displayed for an indefinite period at the discretion of dollshousesforsale.com.

Dollshousesforsale.com reserve the right to terminate advertisements at any time.  If an advertisement is terminated within 12 months of first publication any advertising charge paid will be refunded in full.

Potential buyers should contact sellers directly using their details published on the relevant advertisement.
Dollshousesforsale.com cannot guarantee the accuracy of advertisements published on the website so recommend that potential buyers contact sellers and view items the determine the item suitability, quality and value for themselves.
When items advertised on this website are purchased any transaction is made directly between the buyer and the seller and Dollshousesforsale.com cannot accept any liability.